1. Mortgage inspections…. well I’m glad I don’t do them anymore. Yes, money was good. I was getting paid $4.50 per house but the people were never happy to see you. I often didn’t feel safe. My car wasn’t a happy camper on those days when I’d do 100+ homes. Late nights doing inputs. (I refused to use the Safeguard Application). That being said, I do residential insurance inspections for about the same pay but the people are rarely unhappy to see you and I just feel better about myself and my work. I currently do around 300 residential inspections and about 30 commercial inspections per month. The commercial inspections often outpay the residential.

  2. 1,2,3 strikes I’m out. My bad, I had successfully gotten out of the mortgage inspection segment of Field work. Then I took a few contracts in and almost over night things started getting smelly. One company in particular said they were a husband wife team and “really want to keep the integrity in the business”. Another was based in Florida and “really need the help please”. Needless to say I through caution to the wind and tried to help just to get burned again. Between the 2 I am owed over $1200 that apparently I will never see. It’s been an experience that has solidified my attitude that there is just no honestly left out there in the mortgage inspection segment.

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