Mortgage Inspections … Low Pay & A Long Time To Get Paid

Many of the low-fee Mortgage Order Mills have no capital … they have no money in the bank. They cannot pay you until they get paid. The typical Mortgage Order Mill pay schedule is about 30-45 days. You may not get paid for any work you perform as the mortgage segment is the home of 99% of the fraud in the industry. I have talked to mortgage inspectors who worked for a month and were never paid.

The average fee paid for mortgage inspections is about $3. Expect to travel out of your area for the same low fee and also travel to bad neighborhoods for the same low fee. Expensive insurance is REQUIRED. Many of the Mortgage Order Mills require a more expensive digital camera with a GPS stamping capability. Expect to manage about 7 photos for every $3 mortgage inspection. Expect some car chases in bad neighborhoods … where you are in the car that is being chased by bad neighborhood gangs. Expect to wear out your car.

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