Many Mortgage Field Service Representatives Get What They Deserve

Many mortgage field service representatives get what they deserve. They perform the $3 mortgage inspections and wear out their cars. Many don’t get paid because of the widespread fraud in the mortgage segment. They log into their Mortgage Order Mill customers’ servers and because of poor server security, their computers get infected with malware. They don’t backup their computers and they lose important files. The car stops running and the computer stops running. This happens after they have laid out thousands of dollars upfront for insurance and special cameras that have a unique GPS photo imprint capability.

It’s just one huge vicious circle. When you play games with monsters, you should expect to get hurt. You often get what you deserve.

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  1. Graham W.

    Every thing said here is spot on. Unfortunately many of us have no choice but to take the $3. The industry is now full of unprofessional and unethical inspectors. Their willingness to accept $3 has driven the fees down for the rest of us experienced (27 years) inspectors.

    Because the nationals have lists of applications a mile long they feel perfectly comfortable telling every inspector ‘take it or leave it’. Knowing that with one or two phone calls and or emails they can have your area covered. How good a job is done is not important.

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