Randy Comments About Low Mortgage Inspection Fees & Property Preservation Fees

There are a lot of horror stories in the Mortgage Segment … the home of low-fee inspections and 99% of all of the fraud in the industry.

Randy says on Facebook:  “The problem is people will do them for this price. It started in the PNP business with $30 grass cuts and $250 dehumidifiers , now it is $2.00 sqft for roof repairs. REO paying $450 for up to 30 yards of debris. We already provide countless free bids and inspections. The Nationals wonder why they can’t find good contractors. They say you can make it up in volume. All the above you lose money on.”

Removing 30 cubic yards of debris should pay about $1.500 … that’s $50 a cubic yard. The mortgage segment is the home of low prices and 99% of the fraud in the industry. Read about what is happening in the mortgage segment at Foreclosurepedia.org.


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