You Should Demand Higher Inspection Fees When Operating In The 100 Most Dangerous Cities

Why are field service inspection fees, especially mortgage inspection fees, the same in the most dangerous cities as they are in the safest cities in the United States?

Follow this LINK and read about the 100 most dangerous cities in the United States. Why are the inspection fees in the most dangerous cities the same as the inspection fees in the safe cities?

When I was a Naval Flight Officer in the Navy I received extra pay for flying and also extra pay when I was flying in a combat zone. Today a Commander (O-5) in the Navy receives $250 a month in flight pay (hazardous duty pay). Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger Pay are payable for flight duties performed in an area designated as hazardous. Today the rate is $225 a month. The military pays $140 ($89 lodging/$51 meals) a day when personnel are on official temporary duty outside of their home base area.

Think about the mortgage inspector who is operating for $3 an inspection (and they still may not even get paid in the end) in some the most hazardous areas in the United States. Mortgage inspectors usually do not receive per diem for travel outside their service area. Mortgage inspectors often operate in dangerous areas where police must travel in pairs, wear body armor, carry weapons and pepper spray and stay in constant communications with a dispatcher.

It’s probably best to just avoid the $3 mortgage inspections and be happy. Don’t kill (literally) yourself with $3 mortgage inspections.

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