Know That Activity Does Not Lead To Accomplishment … Maybe It’s Time To Fly Higher

When you think about it, the mortgage segment activity is great for the higher quality field service inspectors in the industry that earn the higher fees. Many field service inspectors chase the $3 mortgage drive-by inspections. It’s easy to pick up these low-fee inspections because there are a lot of them … the reason is that most inspectors don’t want to work for peanuts. The mortgage segment is the problem segment … the home of 99% of the fraud in the industry. The higher quality field inspectors love it when the low-fee mortgage inspectors are busy creating lots of activity away from them. The mortgage inspectors are too busy to look up as they are hugging the ground. They have no idea of what they are missing. The $3 mortgage inspections are okay for them. They stay busy … lots and lots of activity with low levels of accomplishment! The activity is driving for low-fee mortgage inspections and filling the gas tank and making repairs to their worn-out cars,

A high quality firm that pays $40 – $60 for a field inspection does not usually get contacted by a mortgage inspector. Once you become a mortgage inspector, the rule is that you always have to keep moving fast to make any money. You always have to keep moving and filling the gas tank in your worn-out car. You have to eat while you are moving. You will always be hugging the ground. The profit is about $1.50, or less, on a mortgage inspection. Many of the mortgage order mills have slowed the mortgage inspectors down by requiring as many as seven photos. These photos require the inspector to get out of the car. Sometimes the order mills require a photo of the street sign at the nearest intersection. Despite all of the required photos and low-low fees, the order mills will tell you that you can easily perform 100 inspections in a short day. Unfortunately, the numbers just do not work and many mortgage inspectors learn that in a short time and quit. Some hang in there for the long run even when they know that they are not making any real profit.

Many mortgage field service inspectors feel that they cannot perform the higher fee inspections. Just think, if everyone thought that they could not fly an airplane, there would be no such thing as an airplane. There would be no fast trips in the sky from Miami to Dallas. The commercial and insurance inspectors love it that the mortgage inspectors want to hug the ground and not fly. Less competition means more money.

I flew in the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer (NFO) and also as a civilian pilot. It feels great to fly propelled higher only by jet engine thrust up to the very thin air at 60,000 feet and then start falling out of the sky and back to earth until you pick up some thicker air again and create some wing lift.

In the field services industry you can perform the low-fee mortgage inspections and hug the ground. Or, you can fly high in the sky and make more money and have some excitement and fun. The National Field Service Directory can be your open window to a higher level of achievement and more money in your pocket. Maybe it’s time to work for the higher quality firms that pay the higher fees and stop hugging the ground and wearing out your car with low-fee mortgage inspections. You decide!

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