Would You Pay $1,600 For A Micro Pig? Would You Perform $3 Mortgage Inspections?

BGI, a genomics institute located in Shenzhen, China, announced in late September that it is genetically engineering miniature pigs to sell as pets for $1,600 each. In the future, the institute promises to offer miniature pigs in a variety of coat colors and patterns, which will be achieved through further gene editing.

It seems to me that $1,600 is too much to pay for a micro pig. Can they be litter box trained for the house?

Would you perform $3 mortgage inspections were the profit is about $1.50, or less? It would take about 1,066 mortgage inspections to pay for a micro pig. That’s a lot of mortgage inspections for a very small amount of bacon.


Some questions in life are easy to answer with a NO!

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