Don’t Let The Snow Stop You … The Six Inch Rule Applies … Disregard The “Black Ice” Under The Snow

Okay boys and girls … don’t be babies and let a little bit of snow slow you down. The rule is six inches of snow, or less, and it’s a GO for mortgage inspections. Disregard all of the weather channel and highway patrol warnings about the “black ice” and the slippery bridges. Disregard the local TV news reports showing vehicles in the ditch. Your mortgage order mill customer in Miami says there is no problem with the roads in your area.

Yes, you are an independent contractor, but you are unable to make good decisions about your personal safety. It’s all about getting the job done at your expense. The foreclosure property is more important than you. Stop being a big cry baby and scrape the ice off of your windshield.

Read the mortgage order mill policy statement below:


One mortgage field inspector writes “Cut off part of the ruler to make 2 inches of snow appear to be 9 inches of snow”.

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