My MOM Stole From Me Every Payday … My MOM Cooked The Books

I am a field service inspector with accounting and auditing experience. I learned that my MOM (mortgage order mill) was stealing from me every pay day … the books were cooked. I found that I was being paid for only about 90% of my completed inspections. When I asked my MOM’s bookkeeping department about the problem, they would simply say that it was a “one-time” computer glitch. They would say that they would fix the problem, but the problem would never get fixed. They would also act like that they were upset that I would even question their bookkeeping methods. When no action was taken after two pay periods, I just dumped them as I knew that they were purposely stealing from me.

Stealing is to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force. I have talked to many mortgage field service inspectors who have told me where their MOM (mortgage order mill) has cheated them every pay day. They may perform 200 mortgage inspections in a pay period and intentionally only get paid for 180 inspections.

Mortgage inspectors report that some MOM payroll programs are setup to provide a pay statement that is very confusing and difficult for the inspector to audit without spending a lot of time auditing the pay statement. The pay statement was “designed” by the MOM to be confusing and difficult to audit.

Most mortgage inspectors just assume that the pay statement is accurate. Very few inspectors perform an audit of their pay statement. The MOM knows that mortgage inspectors don’t usually audit their pay statement. MOM profits increase when the books are cooked and mortgage inspectors are not paid for all of the work they perform.

The mortgage segment is the home $3 mortgage inspections and 99% of the fraud in the industry. Make sure that you audit your pay statement every pay period. The books may be cooked. You need to audit every pay statements.


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