This Foreclosure Home Looks Vacant To Me … Better Double- and Triple Check

It’s getting close to dark and you have one lock change and winterization left in the day. You pulled up to the curb of the foreclosure home and the grass in front is about 7-inches high. There is no car in the driveway. It looks vacant to you. It’s almost dark and you want to hurry and finish this property preservation task so that you can go home. You don’t know that the old 75 year old guy that occupies the property is hard of hearing and owns a Taurus-Judge handgun. He needs to buy gas for the lawn mower.

The inside of the house is dark as it is about 5:30 PM on a fall day … the sun is setting. The old guy is taking his late afternoon nap when you break in and are heading for the stairs to the basement … right across from his bedroom door. You drilled out the front door lock to gain access and the power drill is still in your hand. It looks like a handgun in the dark hallway. The old guy is not a great shot, but he doesn’t need to be with the Taurus-Judge handgun.

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