Who … What Do You Dislike? Discuss Bad Experiences!

As we travel through personal and business life, we all find that we have things, places, foods, people we do not like. In the business world we experience events that make us sad or even angry. Who … what do you dislike? Here is your opportunity to post a blog comment about something or someone that you do not like.

Remember, that when you post a comment on this blog post that it will be available for everyone to read. They will be “your” comments and not mine. I will have no opinion on your comments. I also don’t have the time to try to view and monitor a bunch of comments. I can’t be responsible for your comments.

I remember when I was a teenager and cut the grass for a neighbor named George. It was always tough to get George to pay me. I know he was home when I knocked on his door, but he would not come to the door. I disliked George and I quit cutting his grass. I don’t like green pea soup.

Post your comments at this blog! Don’t comment on this blog post at Facebook or Twitter.


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