The Detroit 911 Police Response Time Is 17 Minutes … How Are Those $3 Inspections In High-Crime Areas Working For You?


Seventeen minutes is a long time for a cop to show up on a 911 call for police in Detroit. The national average is about 11 minutes. When you are performing mortgage inspections in a high-crime neighborhood, the odds say that something bad could happen to you. When the Detroit 911 police response time is 17 minutes, the odds say that they may not arrive in time to help you. The odds say that you may not get paid for performed inspections.

It sounds like you may be really killing yourself with those $3 mortgage drive-by inspections. Someone has to perform these $3 inspections that most people don’t want. Most $3 mortgage inspectors quit in a very short time. So, give it some more time and you will probably quit when you see that you are not making any real money. You may lose a couple weeks of your life. Let’s hope you get paid for the $3 mortgage inspections you performed.

A good way to quit is to get 90 days of jury duty. Or, you are moving … your wife got a great job with Chevron in Saudi Arabia. Or, you hit a deer on the interstate last night and you don’t have the money to pay the $1,000 insurance deductible for engine and body repairs. The tow cost $125. You need new tires. Or, the MRI of your knees came back and the knee doctor says you need a double-knee replacement.

Don’t kill yourself for $3 mortgage inspections. Work for the higher quality commercial and insurance inspection firms that pay the higher fees.


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