So That Mortgage Inspector You Work For Is Not Answering Your Emails Or Telephone Messages

What did you expect? That slow-pay/no-pay mortgage inspector who hasn’t paid you in a couple of months is at Walmart buying a new 60-inch HD television and some King Crab and wine. They win and you lose at the game of wire fraud.

That deadbeat mortgage inspector that is not paying you is spending YOUR money at Walmart. I have some Walmart stock in my IRA. The stock is up about a buck this morning. Your deadbeat mortgage inspector is funding my retirement with your money. Does that piss you off? I hope so!

Maybe you want to make a comment on the deadbeat mortgage inspector who is not paying you? Or, maybe not.

1 Response

  1. David Berdysz

    365 coverall corp. Nevada P.O.D., who took
    three months to pay me. he lost me. I lost my home, everything, I wish you would expose her. Her name is MONICA Sawyer.

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