The Low-Fee “Loss Draft” Inspections … Too Much Work For The Money

The “Loss Draft” inspection is an inspection of corrected insurance claim repairs which goes to the bank holding the mortgage. It is a mortgage inspection. The bank wants to be sure the damaged property has been restored to its original condition BEFORE the insurance company pays the repair claim. These inspections have paid the same same low fees for the last 20 years. They are mortgage inspections and the fees have stayed very low. The Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) pay an average of about $10.

Listen to the AUDIO and I will explain why these “loss draft” inspections are just too much work for the low fees offered. Avoid the $10.00 loss draft inspection. These inspections should pay $25+. Let your competition do them for $10 … let them waste their time. Be smart.

Call Richard Law at 352-449-1041 (east coast) with your “loss draft” inspection experiences.


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