Working For Another Mortgage Inspector … This Is A HUGE Problem

Another Inspector

If a thief robs you in a Walmart parking lot, the police will respond and help you out. They will investigate and they make catch the thief and return your money.

In the mortgage segment, most of the thieves are other mortgage inspectors. They hire you and then they don’t pay you. These thieves also know that no one is going to help you … you will be all alone. Law enforcement will not help you get your money … they will tell you it is a civil matter … get a lawyer. An attorney will want a $1,500 retainer. You are screwed.

The mortgage segment is the home of 99% of all of the fraud in the industry. The odds are very high that you will be screwed if you work for another mortgage inspector. You have been warned. Don’t call me when you get screwed by another mortgage inspector.



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