Safeguard Properties Flag Has A Stiff “Erection” … American Flag Is Limp

Safeguard Fkag

I saw some Yahoo Group  photos of the facilities at Safeguard Properties back in November of last year and downloaded them. I believe that the photos were taken by someone after a job interview at their Ohio offices. Today I looked at the photos in detail for the first time and read a few of the comments that were with the photos. The first thing that caught my eye was the very limp American flag and the Safeguard Properties flag with an “erection”. Does that look odd to you? That looks like the kind of stiff flag you would see in a NASA moon photo.

The U.S. economy is looking very limp at the beginning of 2016. The stock market is down big time and may be saying that a recession is coming. Look at Owen stock … limp. After seeing the Safeguard flag with the stiff erection, my first thought was that business maybe was up at Safeguard … hence the flag erection. That can’t be right as the mortgage segment is drying up fast. Too many mortgage inspectors are chasing fewer mortgage inspections. Foreclosure inventory ended 2015 on a rapid decline… total non-current inventory dropped to its lowest level since June 2007.

Moon flag


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