Government Paid Out $597 Million Dollars To Whistleblowers & Attorneys In 2015

Man with money

Under FCA laws, if the government prevails in its action, the whistleblower obtains up to 30 percent of the recovery, which resulted in $597 million in awards for whistleblowers and their attorneys in 2015.

The FCA cases involve fraud and false claims against the government, with health care fraud leading in returns, followed by cases involving government contracts and housing and mortgage fraud. Most of the claims result from the Act’s whistleblower provisions, or qui tam, that allow individuals to file on behalf of the government.

I know that there are some big crooked rats in the Mortgage Segment of the industry. I know that there are some lower level managers, executives and accountants that have the information and the power to rat out their boss and get millions from the Government. The Government wants to give you money to rat out your boss. Get in touch with an attorney specializing in the False Claims Act. Retire early.


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