There Must Be Someone Out There With Insider Information Looking For Some FCA Money (Maybe Millions)


I don’t know the current status of the Kelly Brown (plaintiff) v Five Brothers, US Bank, et al. Qui Tam action filed by the legal firm of SHEPHERD, FINKELMAN, MILLER & SHAH, LLP (SFMS). I do know that that there is a person or persons who have some insider information on this case.

The Government wants to give these insiders money. If you have significant insider information about this case, I am reasonably sure that you can cut a deal with the plaintiff and the plaintiff attorneys to grab a piece of the pie (maybe millions) in return for your significant information. Contact the plaintiff’s attorney … James Miller … and let him determine if you can be an important part of this legal action.

James E. Miller … Chester, Connecticut: Phone: 866-540-5505  877-891-9880

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