Sheriff Deputies Seek Safeguard Hooded “Peeping Tom”


The news report says the Safeguard inspector told detectives he was a new employee and was instructed to document that the home was occupied and to include a picture of him knocking on the door to prove he attempted contact. Reporter calls and emails to Safeguard Properties, the company who hired the inspector were not returned.


Safeguard mortgage inspectors cannot be trusted. They have to take a “selfie” showing themselves knocking on the door. Can you believe that? Mortgage inspectors just cannot be trusted. Why is that? The mortgage segment is the home of 99% of the fraud, games and problems in the industry.

Many states such as Virginia have “peeping tom” laws. Peeping into doors and windows can land you in jail. How far will you go for a $3 mortgage inspection? Try getting a job when you have “peeping Tom” or “peeping Sally” on your rap sheet.


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