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Susan Rimes commented on A Comedy Of Errors Says Foreclosurepedia.Org


Unpaid invoices from Corelogic (grass)..over $14k and over $50k in short paid invoices below is only about the invoice I was never paid for.

Mcs decides I’m not getting paid because I didn’t dispute within the 60 days of “recieving payment”(per Corelogic contract )..Hence payment was never recieved and Corelogic grass cuts were “auto invoiced ”  by corelogics vendor plus website which had technical issues ( documention) when in fact Corelogic Vendor plus website “Auto invoicing” right “Auto ripping off” I received a “Big tech issue”  Letter from P.Forrester @ Corelogic stating that there was another “tech error ” with V-plus “Auto invoiced”  “OVER PAID” me (Rimes Property Management Inc) $119k (Sent documention to MCS for proof of what I was claiming …”Dave”  @MCS response no funds Due I was charged back because Corelogic “Auto invoice ” malfunctioned…. $119k. As I should have been it was a “tech computer error” and I was over paid BUT when the same website has “tech” errors and I don’t receive payment for $14k that’s a different story ..OH NO PAY ! because I didn’t dispute within 60 days of receiving payment! !! Really …read that again….I never “RECIEVED Payment ”  So there quoting the contract that doesn’t pertain. ….AMAZING … unbelievable! ! And then there’s Homestar still actively hiring contractors. ..and don’t pay. ..this industry is UNBELIEVABLE ….and all Florida vendors for Corelogic will tell you there “Auto grass and BATF and OA. Invoicing didn’t work correctly …how convenient. ..! So because of Corelogic V-plus tech issues I don’t get paid. like I said I don’t think anyone cares because it just keeps happening. I’m attempt to collect my money from MCS

ALL work orders were issued to Rimes by Corelogic Prior to MCS acquiring Corelogic just to let you know that I only received 2 responses in over 10 months of trying to collect my money From MCS and Wells Fargo was on the last attempt I made to collect they offered Rimes $3k when the total owing is $65 that’s why I feel like no one cares. .

Susan Rimes

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