MOMs Spending Big On Software Development While Mortgage Fees Are At Record Lows

MOMs are Mortgage Order Mills. Mortgage inspection fees are at record lows while inspection requirements are at record highs with as many as 8 digital photos of each $3 inspection. The field inspector profit on a $3 mortgage inspection is maybe about $1.50. You will wear out you car with all of the driving and then need a loan to purchase another car to wear out with low-fee inspections. While you are shopping for a replacement car, all of your work will be shifted permanently to another inspector … inspector turnover is high.


Manager, Application Development needed for [company name deleted]. Will work in the area of software des. & dev. in [job site deleted]. Will review the des. & architecture of software apps. to ensure accuracy. Will select testing tools to ensure that apps. are performing appropriately. Will specifically work in the area of .net apps., including using C#,, & N Hibernate. Will also use Oracle & SQL Server as databases.

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