Huge Profits … 700% Profits On Ten Dollar Background Checks On Mortgage Inspectors


Almost every firm in the field services industry requires a background check. Almost ALL of the firms in the mortgage segment require the applicant … the inspector … to pay for the background check. About 99% of the firms outside the mortgage segment do NOT required the inspector to pay any fees for a background check.

What you have happening is Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) demanding $80, or more,  for a background check that costs them maybe $10. They make a 700% profit on every background check. The $10 background checks are worth nothing. There are so many ways to get around these background checks when you have a criminal record. It is so easy. Foreclosurepedia has frequent blog posts about convicted felons working in the Mortgage Segment. How did they get by the background check? READ MORE >>>>   Some of those blog posts discussed fraudsters are not yet criminals, but may soon be convicted by a criminal court. The mortgage segment is the home of 99% of the fraud in the industry. The only good background check is an FBI finger printed background check. Even the FBI misses a few criminals. Only the FBI can authorize a concealed weapons permit … no $10 background checks.

It’s best to just avoid any MOM that requires you to pay for a background check. Ask your relatives, friends and associated if they ever have paid for a background check. The answer is going to be NO. No one pays for a background check as part of an employment application. It just does NOT happen. You know that! If you look at every business in the United States, you will find that 99% of the firms do NOT ask the job application to pay for a background check. It just does not happen … except in the mortgage segment.

The MORTGAGE segment of the industry is requiring you to pay fees that no one else pays. Don’t be stupid. You make these MOMs the way they are because you do not say NO. You have created a monster that continues to feed on mortgage inspectors. You have let it happen … you have created the monsters … so maybe you deserve what you get.

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