Easter Bunny Prices Jump Higher


Chocolate lovers, brace yourselves this Easter. The Amazon price on 3.5 ounces of Easter Bunny chocolate is $17.65 It takes the profit from 12 of the $3 mortgage inspections to make this purchase at Amazon.

Honolulu ranks #8 in the U.S. and has a higher cost of living than Tucson which ranks #73. I talked to a Honolulu mortgage inspector this week earning $3 for a mortgage inspection … the same as a Tucson mortgage inspector. Inspectors in the Hawaiian Island need to make higher fees than mainland inspectors.


I have visited Maui and I have traveled the long and dangerous road to the little town of Hana.

Maui is well known for the Hana Highway, a perilous drive with over 600 curves and 59 bridges. Less known is the road from Kahului to Kaanapali, which boasts similar if not more intense narrow and dangerous roadways. One stretch is over a quarter mile long with one lane, no shoulder, a cliff on one side and a hundred foot straight drop on the other. If traffic comes the other way while your on that stretch… well, watch the video and see. I saw many areas where there is no guardrail to keep cars from going off of the cliff.



Mortgage inspectors in Maui actually risk their lives for $3 mortgage inspections. Many $3 mortgage inspectors also risk their lives in the many high-crime areas on the mainland.

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