Don’t Get Caught In The Cross-Fire In Chicago … Murders Up 84% In First Three Months Of 2016


Chicago murder is up 84% in the first three months of 2016. Who do you think is in the cross-fire? It is the $3 mortgage inspectors. These mortgage inspectors are risking their lives for maybe a profit of $1.50 on each mortgage inspection. Children are being killed in Chicago in cross-fires, so why do mortgage inspectors think that they are an exception. Is your life worth a $1.50 … maybe the profit on a $3 mortgage inspection?

Sure, it won’t happen to you. You’re safe. No gang member will kill you for taking a photo of their gang clubhouse … which you think is a vacant foreclosure home. Maybe you will not die … just suffer from your wounds. Plead with them not to shoot you in the head or upper torso … a warning shot to the knee is sufficient to keep you from returning.

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