Comparing $3 Mortgage Inspections To Popcorn

On Saturday, I went to the movies in Melbourne, Florida and watched “Eye In The Sky”. It was a great movie.


The cost for one movie ticket plus one medium drink and one medium popcorn was $16. That would be the profit from 8 of the $3 variety mortgage inspections which yield a profit of about $1.50. Just one business verification will take care of two movie tickets, two drinks and two popcorns. The mortgage inspection will require a $1,200 insurance policy. The business verification will require no insurance.

Mortgage inspectors don’t go to the movies. They usually eat microwave popcorn at home and for the movie they watch on old John Wayne western on the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel.

In February, I viewed a commercial loss control insurance inspection performed by a trained and experienced inspector that paid $8,000. It was for a highly protected risk (HPR). The inspection and report took about a week. How much popcorn and how many movie tickets can be bought with the money from that report? You could first class fly to Sydney, Australia and watch a movie at the Sydney Imax theater.

Do the math … always. Determine how much popcorn you an buy with the inspection fee offered … before you say yes to the inspection. It takes 3 mortgage inspections to purchase one medium popcorn at the movies.

Everyone will be working longer in their lives. Larry Labriola is 64 years old (pilot & landscape contractor) and is flying the Aero L-39 Albatros at airshows pulling -2 to 6+ G’s. Make sure that you are performing at a job you like and which also pays well. I suggest that you avoid $3 mortgage inspections.



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