Ignore the No Trespassing Signs … Don’t Worry Says The Vendor Manager


This post is for all of the mortgage inspectors who perform the $3 mortgage inspections. Your vendor manager says don’t pay any attention to any “No Trespassing” signs. Just enter the property … get the photos of all four sides of the house. She does not have a law degree nor is she a member of the bar in your state. She does have a cosmetology license issued in the state of Ohio. Two of her past customers at The Hair Cuttery were attorneys and they must have discussed trespass laws while in the chair … so she knows the law.

Get a trespass arrest on your record and you can probably forget about getting a job in the future. The arrest will show up in your background check and you will need to do some explaining on your job application … “arrested for trespass” … that could mean a lot of criminal things … yes, it could.

You read the story about the eight people killed execution style at the four murder scenes in a rural area of Ohio this week. Commercial marijuana operations were found at three of the four murder scenes. Pike County is a perfect place to grow marijuana. You know that in rural Ohio that there are “No Trespassing” signs at the entrance to those long driveways. I live in rural Virginia … everyone in rural Ohio has a gun and a huge dog.

So, don’t worry about that “No Trespassing” sign. Your vendor manager says the law does not apply to you and there is no risk to you. She will also tell you that if you can’t get by the sign … forget about getting any more $3 mortgage inspections.

Be smart … buckshot or a bad dog can ruin your day.


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