Craigslist Ad For Property Preservation … Extracted Ad Requirements

“ The ability to take 800-1200 photos at a property …  Must have running capital for 60 days (A new crew on average spends between $4000-$8000 dollars in the first 60 days before receiving the first check. The first check generally gets paid out 30-60 days from job completion). You must have proof of funds. You must be available to have crew/crews run 7 days a week. You cannot be a one man crew. You must have multiple individuals per crew.  Must have previous experience in Construction and/or property preservation
 Must be able to travel to jobs ( No Exceptions). We will do our best to keep you in a 30-60 minute drive time of your location of business however, there will be times that you will have to drive out of your zone for work orders.”

Here you have a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) that requires you to have 60 days of running capital as it takes 60 days to receive the first check. The reason for the 60 day delay is that the MOM has no capital … no ready money in the bank to pay you. Do you see the irony in this? Is this like loaning money to uncle Ernie … you all have an uncle Ernie in your family? The 800-1200 photos at a property must be a typo … maybe not.

Irony:  a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

Wisdom is knowing the real meaning of words!

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