National Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) Offering Up To $56,000 For A Staff Quality Assurance Field Representative


Check out this comparison of these two jobs. Check the math.

The national MOM says they are currently seeking candidates with strong Project Management experience and Excellent Communication skills for the position of Quality Control Field Rep.  The Field QC Rep will cover and support Field QC initiatives for the multistate region. The staffer using their personal vehicle is paid 54-cents per mile in accordance with IRS guidelines. Lodging, meals and other travel related expenses are paid. Field equipment is provided. The salary is up to $56,000.

The staff position pays much more than one of their independent contractor (IC) field service representatives who receives $3 for a mortgage drive-by inspection and maybe profits $1.50. The IC is paid no mileage and provides their own equipment. The IC must perform about 37,333 mortgage inspections in a year to achieve $56,000. If the distance between properties is one mile, they will put 37,333 miles on their vehicle in a year.

The math says that an IC mortgage field services job is not that great.

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