Foreclosurepedia.Org Makes Note Of A “Justice-Involved Individual” At A National Mortgage Order Mill (MOM)


Is is estimated that in 2016 about 24 million people in the U.S. have a felony conviction. This means we are probably pushing 10% of the adult population today.  One other thing to consider is that a large number of would-be felonies are plead down to misdemeanors, so the actual total number of people who were caught committing a felonious act is undoubtedly much higher than these numbers portray.

……………… has an interesting blog post on how criminals discovered  by background checks can be placed into sensitive positions in Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs). Barack Obama’s Department of Justice is deploying a new term for convicted criminals: “justice-involved individuals.” When you have the right connections, a felony conviction can be overlooked. It’s interesting how the Government sets requirements and then ignores them. After all, felons are now called “justice-involved individuals” by DOJ.


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