Dad Tells Daughter That Hiring $3 Mortgage Inspections Is Like Clubbing Baby Seals

baby seal clubbing

I talked to a 26-year old recruiter at a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) who quit her job because of what her father had said to her. She explained to her dad that she recruited and hired field service inspectors to perform $3 mortgage drive-by inspections. Her father asked for more detail and she explained all of the photo and insurance requirements. She said that her dad did the math on what she was offered to field inspectors and concluded that there was no money to be made performing $3 mortgage inspections. Dad said that hiring people to perform a job where they were not making a reasonable profit was equivalent to clubbing baby seals. You know it is wrong! Dad said that she should get a job where she feels good at the end of the day. She took her dad’s advice and quit her Mortgage Order Mill recruiting job. She said she feels much better now after following dad’s advice.

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