Words to Describe The Mortgage Segment: Drug Felons … Tax Evaders … Raping Underaged & Handicapped Girls … Ex-Robo Signer … No Government Oversight



There are a lot of super monsters … criminals … in the mortgage segment of the industry. Sure, there are a few good firms, but they are very hard to find. The mortgage segment is run like a mob operation. Actually, it’s less organized than a mob operation. For a segment of the industry that promotes background checks on everyone, it just shows all of the holes in the background check process. Fraud, greed and corruption is a core part of the mortgage segment. About 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption is centered in the mortgage segment. I suggest that you steer clear of the mortgage segment. I have talked to a field inspector who got into trouble with a $7 mortgage inspection and is being sued by a delinquent borrower for $500,000. The bank, the Mortgage Order Mill (MOMs) and his insurance carrier have offered no assistance. The next court date is in September. I have reported theft of services to MOMs and they do nothing. They don’t care that mortgage inspectors are being abused.




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