The Mortgage Segment Is So Corrupt … There Is A Lot Of evil In The World … Most Of It Is In The Mortgage Segment


Here how the story goes. The Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) sent the mortgage inspector a bunch of already late mortgage inspections. The due date has already come and gone. It was well documented that they were already late. These are now RUSH inspections. The mortgage inspections are put on a fast track and completed very quickly. The MOM does not pay the inspector because they were not completed before the due date. Duh! They were due before the inspector received them.

The MOM should be washing the mortgage inspectors feet. The inspector rescued the MOM and then was not paid. I hate to keep writing about these stories. This is not an isolated story. It is a very common story. It would be so much better if the mortgage inspectors would smarten up and stop rescuing MOMs who are greedy, evil and corrupt. Learn how to say “NO” to the MOMs that treat you like shit. They are monsters! They are evil! They are the children of Satan. Some are even felons. Go to the Foreclosurepedia blog and read about the MOM owner who raped handicapped minor girls and fled the country. The U.S. marshals brought him back for trial. Yeah, innocent until proven guilty. Read about the felony arrests and convictions of a senior MOM manager.

The mortgage segment is the home of $3 mortgage inspections and 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. Avoid the mortgage segment. Stop hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. Get smart! Stop the beatings! Stop working for felons! Stop being STUPID! Life is tough. Life is really tough when you are stupid.


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