The Daily Lies Of Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) Vendor Managers


If you talk to the independent contractors working for Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs), you will find that the biggest complaint is that the MOM vendor managers often lie to them. They cannot and will not tell the truth. They are also not very good at lying. I’m sure that they are trained to lie to field service representatives … but, not very well trained. They get caught in their lies.

Network with others and ask about their biggest complaint about the mortgage segment. In the mortgage segment, it has become okay to lie to field service representatives. Have you ever heard ethics discussed at an annual mortgage field services conference? It’s discussed at the bar … but, not in a conference event.

Lockte lost his Speedo sponsorship because he lied . The New York Post says he is an ugly American. The Daily News says he is a monster. Why is it that some of the worst ugly MOMs are not excluded from member organizations? Why are they protected?

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  1. There’s an Atlanta based company getting thousands of job for the whole state of Georgia , Alabama , and Tennessee , should be dropping anytime now over the next couple of weeks. Sad to say they are not interested in people that can’t understand they are taking the jobs for 6.50 so they can’t more than that . They are holding phone interviews , I’d recommend shocking them up front saying you need 25.00 at bare bones to cover your expenses. These guys are nuts !!!!!

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