Forceclosurepedia Explains Bid Fraud In 115 Words … HUD Closes Their Eyes On Bid Fraud

Eyes Closed

HUD is very disorganized. They are apparently very easy to fool. Even when you disclose bid fraud to HUD … they take no investigative action. We need more big Government. Sure! How is the FCC doing with stopping the robo telemarketers … when you are on the do not call list? How about those illegals pouring across the southern border. I made my point.

There are many low-level people at the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) who are unaware of the False Claims Act. The Government wants to pay MOM staff for reporting fraud. The Government wants to give them millions of dollars. There are some MOM staff who could become millionaires and retire early. All they have to do is purchase a $5 flash drive at Amazon and start taking notes and documenting fraud in their organization. That $5 flash drive investment can turn into $5 million dollars. Lawyers will help them for FREE so that they can get a cut of the Government’s money handout. It’s like hitting the lotto. Oh well, they will just do nothing and continue to hate their job of defrauding the Government and taxpayers while this miss out on reporting fraud and making millions … making millions  and helping taxpayers is so COOL.



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