Another Safeguard Properties Lock-Out Gone Wrong … Wrong Address … The Frail 95-Year-Old Lady Was Booted To The Curb

95 Year

A 95-year-old Pearl City, Oahu Hawaii woman was wrongfully evicted from her home this week when a property protection company mistakenly identified her home for her next door neighbor’s foreclosed unit.

Safeguard Properties in Ohio and a local Hawaii contractor evicted the 95-year-old woman. Two days passed with unanswered calls to Rushmore [the bank servicer] and Safeguard Properties. Marquez-Wong says it wasn’t until she filed a police report that she finally got the code to the lock box. Hawaii News Now spoke with a local attorney who says the entire process was illegal because no eviction noticed was issued. Homeowners have a right to a court decision first.

Calls to Rushmore Loan Management Services and Safeguard Properties were not immediately answered. Did you really expect that they would reply? They cannot admit that they really f#####ed up.

The Mortgage Order Mills (MOM) are the source of 99.5% of the fraud, geed and corruption in the industry. The same old stories are heard again and again. It’s like a broken record. Avoid the mortgage segment if you want a happy life. The mortgage segment is the home of $3 mortgage inspections and $7.50 grass cuts. It is the home of Satan.



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