First Reported By Foreclosurepedia: Stealing From The Dead … Property Preservation Mechanic Crosses The Line

Tag with identification bar code on toe of female corpse in morgue

A Kaukauna, Wisconsin man was found guilty of burglarizing murder house.  An Oneida County jury has convicted a Kaukauna man of burglarizing the scene of an infamous double murder. Mark F. Spietz, 39, was found guilty of three counts of burglary and one count of theft between $5,000 and $10,000 Thursday afternoon after jurors heard two days of testimony. Spietz admitted to entering a home in the town of Piehl where a Rhinelander teenager killed her parents and removing four ATVs and other items belonging to the slain couple.

Defense attorney Brian Bennett had argued that his client only removed the items to secure them in the course of his job with a assets protection firm [Mortgage Order Mill (MOM)] in Arizona. The jury did not buy this defense and convicted him of burglarizing the home. This was a case of stealing from the dead!



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