Barbara In Texas Has Raised Her Ugly Head Again! Wire Fraud!


The crime of wire fraud occurs when someone voluntarily and intentionally uses an interstate communications device (such as a telephone) as a part of any scheme to defraud another of property, or anything else of value. Wire fraud is a federal crime with serious potential consequences. Wire fraud is using a cell phone or a computer—or any device that sends information across state lines—in an attempt to defraud someone constitutes the federal offense of wire fraud. A person convicted of wire fraud faces significant potential penalties. A single act of wire fraud can result in fines and up to 20 years in prison.

I suggest that all field service inspectors avoid working for another small firm/inspector named BARBARA who resides in Texas. Don’t work for anyone named Barbara in Texas. If you are having any pay problems with a “Barbara in Texas”, email Richard Law. I have documented Texas interstate wire fraud cases across state lines to Florida, Ohio, Louisiana and Virginia. I am putting together a formal wire fraud complaint to the FBI in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Report the crime of wire fraud to the FBI. File a police report with your local police.  Email Richard Law


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