Wisdom Is Knowing The Meaning Of Words

“Recently, we have seen significant increases in inspection volume nationwide but at reduced billable rates. As a result of our increased volumes at these lower billable rates we need to recruit experienced independent contractors at the $6-$8 range. We value our relationship with you, our existing agents, and want to provide you the first opportunity to remain competitive and to hopefully maintain or increase your existing volume levels. Please consider reviewing your current inspection fees. You can click here to review & adjust your coverage area and fees online. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our recruiting team at…”.

This Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) did a poor job in contract negotiation with a Bank-Servicer and they want the mortgage inspector to take a nose dive with them. They do not value their relationship with the inspectors or they would not suggest a field inspector pay cut. Life is all about making great decisions. Wisdom is knowing the meaning of words. This MOM is already looking for your replacement at a lower fee.


It’s probably best to bail out early.



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