Mortgage Inspector Chatter Heard Today On Accelerated Business Solutions (ABS) & Altisource

Chattering Teeth Stock photo File #: 16498566

Networking is very important in the field services industry. I shared some mortgage inspector chatter today with Paul Williams at He tracks happenings in the mortgage segment of the industry. Be sure to follow his blog.

Glenn Davis says call Patricia McTaggart @ Altisourse 770-644-0439 ext 250439

13 Responses

  1. John

    I cant find this blog on foreclosurepedia and I would like to read it because ABS owes me money and wont return calls and there Inspectorade account has been shut. Is anyone else having trouble getting paid from them?

  2. Accelerated Business Solutions is a scam company
    . They should not be taken serious. They owe my company money from work completed months ago. If anyone knows a good lawyer to help file a lawsuit. Its about principle not money right now.

  3. Jody Anderson

    They owe me about $24,000. Get in contact with Altisource. They offered a settlement to my company. It is not everything we are owed, but better than nothing.

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