Mortgage Inspectors … Keep Coming Back Despite Just “Flesh Wounds”

I have over 20 years of history in the field services industry. The mortgage segment continues to be the home of low-fee mortgage inspections and 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. Many of the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) are pure evil.


They offer low fees and then they don’t pay. I have listened to many stories where mortgage inspectors have lost tens of thousands of dollars in pay just because the MOM refused to pay what was owed. Despite these wounds, many mortgage inspectors just remain in the dark world of the mortgage segment and continue to be abused. They have experienced worst … so they often say! For many mortgage inspectors, these are just “flesh wounds” that will quickly heal. These stories remind be of the Monty Python Black Knight Fight Scene shown below where quitting is not an option. After all, they are only flesh wounds and they are not life threatening.

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