Paul Williams Is The Peter Schweizer Of The Mortgage Segment Of The Industry

If  you work in the Mortgage Segment of the industry, you MUST follow Paul Williams at Foreclosurepedia.Org. Paul is the Peter Schweizer of the field service industry. Peter Schweizer is the author  of “Clinton Cash”. Peter Schweitzer connected many of the dots on how and why foreign governments and businesses helped make Bill and Hillary Clinton rich. The FBI has used Peter Schweizer’s book to start and organize their criminal investigation … it was the tipoff used by the Feds. Just this week, Paul Williams connected some dots with regard to a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) and communicated his findings to the North Carolina Attorney General … asking them to investigate.

Paul Williams is an expert at investigating fraud, greed and corruption in the mortgage segment of the industry. He connects the dots and documents the fraud, greed and corruption in the mortgage segment. Be sure to follow the blog at Foreclosurepedia.Org. Be sure to visit the blog daily and follow the dots. Paul will show you the hub … the center … the core … the nucleus for most of the fraud in the industry. It’s very interesting stuff. Find out who is going to help you and who is going to hurt you. Paul is a great friend of labor. Be sure to also network with other field service representatives. File #:9458297 Exclusive iStockphoto Photographer by tiridifilm

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