I’m Old School … Treat Field Service Reps With Respect And Pay Them Great Fees To Keep Them

I’m Old School!

I read an online article written by the vendor manager of a national Mortgage Order Mill (MOM). The gist of the article was that social media can be used to recruit field service representatives. It was a great article as far as it went. The writer is with a national MOM that pays the lowest inspection fees … has the highest startup fees … and has the highest photo and other requirements for mortgage inspectors. They also have a very high turnover of mortgage field inspectors for obvious reasons. The startup cost with this firm is about $1,265 for a background check and insurance. The inspections offered pay $3 and require about 7 digital photos with a required walk around the house and neighborhood. The profit is “maybe” $1.50 per inspection. Your family car will wear out in a short time.

I talked to some Virginians at a breakfast diner in rural Virginia. They all followed social medial. I drank some coffee with them and asked them if they would followup in social media to an advertised job paying $3 and requiring 7 photos with the profit from the first 843 competed inspections going to startup costs of about $1,265. The unanimous answer was a “NO”. Rural Virginia, like some other rural areas, is a place where everyone has a big dog, a gun and a chain across the entrance to their driveway. Walking the long gravel driveway for $3 to take 7 photos around the house makes you think about a scene from the movie “Wrong Turn” when the first actor is killed. You thought it would be the pretty redheaded woman who would be killed first and it ended up being the smart blonde. I live in a rural area and I hate to even walk my long driveway as the sun starts to go down. Sure, 99% of the people are great, but there is always one creepy house in the woods where there is still dried blood on the front step.


Finding people today is a cake walk … it’s cheap compared to newspaper advertising. Getting them onboard and keeping field service inspectors requires trust, respect and good pay. Unfortunately … trust, respect and good pay for field service inspectors is almost non-existent in the mortgage segment. I love social media. But, I am also old school in some ways. Treat people right by treating them with trust and respect and by paying them well and they will stay with you and love you. They will also use social media to tell others about their happiness. Treat people badly and word also gets out on social media.


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