The Altisource 5-Year Stock Chart Says It All … They Just Cannot Get It Up!

The whole mortgage segment needs a purple pill. The average mortgage inspection fee pays about $3 and the profit is “maybe” $1.50. Altisource stock is stuck in a $25 sideways channel … it was a $168 stock just a few years ago. They just cannot get it up without cutting more expenses. The mortgage inspector will continue to be the victim as these firms work to reduce expenses. The mortgage inspector has already been wiped out.




  1. If Altisource is doing so poorly, how were they recently able to afford to purchase a company I was doing draw inspections for? The fees are now lower, they require E&O and want to be named as insureds + $250K liability on my auto insurance. I asked… no, TOLD them in an email… I wouldn’t be doing those things since they said you can ask for an exception, and I haven’t heard back from them since. I checked out their website and they have hundreds of internal job openings at locations all across the planet. What gives?

    1. The stock chart says “investors” are not too excited about the firm. The chart does not lie! They need more profit … that is why your overhead with them is so high.

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