Don’t Work For Other Mortgage Inspectors … Keep The Food Chain Short!


Think of work as food.

If you are a tiger, or a field inspector, you want a short food chain. You want a direct line to the source of work … as direct as you can get. If you are a field inspector, it is best to stay away from the low-fee mortgage inspections. The average mortgage inspection fee is about $3 and the profit is “maybe” $1.50. If you decide to venture into mortgage inspections, it is best not to have another inspector between you and the Mortgage Order Mill (MOM). Inspectors in the middle always seem to be a source of problems … mostly problems getting paid for inspections completed. If the middle-person inspector does not get paid, you do not get paid. You may not get paid even if they do get paid. If the inspector you are working for has car repair bills, needs a new smartphone, needs a new television, chips a tooth or gets hit with an IRS tax lien  … you will probably not get paid. The pay you don’t receive is going to go to fixing their money problem. They also take their cut of the pay which means that you earn less than if you were working direct for a MOM.

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