Take A Police Ride-Along In A Mortgage Order Mill Suggested High-Crime Service Area

Some of the mortgage order mills are always trying to pressure mortgage field inspectors to perform $3 mortgage inspections in high-crime neighborhoods. Don’t risk injury or death by visiting such neighborhoods. Visiting a high-crime area and asking a lot of questions and taking photos can lead to serious trouble. You will stand out as an outsider. You will not be welcome. The L-Street Gang will have a strong message for you. Don’t be stupid … for $3 mortgage inspections.

Many mortgage inspectors think that they are invincible. Take a police ride-along in the high-crime area so as to “awaken your senses”. You will ride with experienced police that wear body armor, are heavily armed and can call for backup when needed. It’s not worth it to visit high-crime neighborhoods to earn a tiny profit of $1.50. Think smart! Ask the p0lice for their opinion on $3 mortgage inspections in high-crime areas.

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