Mortgage Segment Of The Industry … The Home Of 95.5% Of Fraud, Greed & Corruption … What Should You Expect?


Some fat finger misspellings below:

This is HACK of a company. They send a work order that is confussing and missing details, you do the work and then the questions start comming in. You answer them then another person asks the same questions again and again and again and again. Then when you point out that something was cut off their work order, they say that its just a guideline and you need to look at their softwere. Which they have like Five different ones. Start using their softwere make a mistake then have to fill out orgianal work order and scan and email. They refuse to look at photos untill all questions are answered.

In one day we received over 30 emails from 4 different people dealing with same problem at property. Then they will beg and beg and beg you to take on work you dont do and need in a rush. They will not take no for an answer! If you plan on working for this place be ready to spend at lest 2hrs emailing each day. 

They know this is a compative market and plenty of people to take on work, so they USE you till you tell them to leave you alone and then dont pay at all. I have been in this business for over 4yrs and have never seen anything like them. They must make their money by scaming contractors. We plan on filling in small claims to recoup the $1500 worth of work we performed for them. No problems with the work just refusal to pay do to issues such as not answering all their repetive questions, not wanting to looking at pictures so they understand that they dont need to ask so many questions etc.

If you do plan on working for these hacks make sure you documant everything and never sign their contract. Luckily we did not!

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