Some Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) … Punched By Everyone … So Burned … So Bloodied … By Field Service Reps!


Some  of the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) just don’t get it. They are so BAD! And, I am absolutely sure that they know it. Some of the MOMs have been punched so many times. They are so burned. They are so bloodied. Yet, they continue to recruit and survive. The mid-west area of the U.S. seems to be a hangout for many of the ugly MOMs.

I can understand this lack of intelligence information on the bad guys happening in 1980’s. But, today, we have the Internet and Google Search. How do so many field service representatives miss getting the information on these horrible MOMs? Maybe they are just plain lazy. Just Google Search the name of a MOM and read about all of the bloody crime scenes left by some of these MOMs. You will find comments on the Better Business Bureau, Glassdoor and Yelp … anyplace where people can discuss how they were wronged. Network with other field reps. Read Glassdoor … if the MOM staff hates the executives and management … you will hate them also. Foreclosurepedia is a great source for the scoop on the ugly MOMs … a fact-checking blog written by a past Navy intelligence analyst who understands field services.

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