The Ugly Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) Will Kill You & Then Eat You! It’s A Horrible Death!

It seems like that every day a new ugly Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) is created. Where do these these ugly MOMs come from? Who is the host? Where do they hang out? Who sponsors them? Who promotes these ugly creatures? When are these ugly MOMs going to be kicked to the curb? Go to Foreclosurepedia … where almost every day an new ugly MOM is exposed.

Everyone knows that the mortgage segment is the home of $3 mortgage inspections and 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. The Mortgage Segment can kill you. Work for a month and then not get paid and you will feel like you were killed by an ugly creature. It’s best to avoid the Mortgage Segment. Commercial inspections are the sweet spot in the industry. Get connected with higher quality firms that pay the higher fees.




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