With $3 Mortgage Inspections … The Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) Will Control You


Forget the words “independent contractor” when performing $3 mortgage inspections. You will be under the Mortgage Order Mill’s (MOMs) control. They will tell you must have insurance … about $1,200. They will tell you where to purchase your insurance. They will set your service area and then send you tasks that are outside your service area. The will send you to high-crime areas and rural areas … where they filmed the movie “Wrong Turn 4”.


If an inspection is a day late, you will not be paid. If you say the property is occupied and it is vacant, you will be charged for any damages … such as split water pipes. There is no “unknown” box to check when it comes to an occupancy inspection. You will be expected to perform some inspections on a specific date and to provide results the same day.

The Mortgage Segment is the home of 95.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. Be sure to follow the deadbeat MOM stories at Foreclosurepedia.

04 May 1932 --- Infamous gangster Al Capone smokes a cigar on the train carrying him to the federal penitentiary in Atlanta where he will start serving an eleven-year sentence. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The MOMs want the IRS tax break of classifying you as an independent contractor, but they treat you like an employee and some MOMs don’t treat you very well. If you like to be controlled and like to answer email questions while you are in the field, you will love the $3 mortgage inspections. Be sure to follow the deadbeat MOM stories at Foreclosurepedia. After 6-months, you will get a bonus for your hard work … “probably not”. You has better learn how to change your oil and tires and make car repairs.



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