Some Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) Tell You Where You Must Buy Insurance


There are a couple of Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) that will tell you where you must buy your business insurance. Maybe these insurance agents are golfing buddies. I don’t know. I have no proof of that.

I am just a business person that believes in free enterprise. You decide your own position on being told where to buy your insurance. Only a couple of MOMs require you to buy from their insurance agents so it should have no affect on your business if you decide to bypass them.

Foreclosurepedia talks about a half-million dollars in insurance fraud. He reports:  “For a period of time, yet undetermined, anyone whom had insurance through [name deleted … available at Foreclosurepedia], had no insurance at all. I want that to sink in for a moment. In essence, anyone whom stated they had insurance lied. When NAMFS Order Mills bumped that work upstream to the financial institutions, they lied when they stated that the work was insured. When the financial institutions submitted, for payment, to the US Government that the work was insured, that too was a lie. In the latter statement, it is most serious, as potentially financial institutions became a Conduit of Fraud and submitted False Claims in violation of the False Claims Act.”


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